Class 1 & 2 Environmental Engineering Site Assessment

What is the purpose of the Class 1 Environmental Engineering Site Assessment?

The purpose of the first level environmental assessment, which is defined by the Canadian Standards Association in Z768-01 Standard, is to find any actual as well as potential areas of site contamination on commercial property via a method of collecting any evidence that can be seen visually as well as going over all related background documentation.

Because this is just the first phase of a Class 1 Environmental Engineering Site Assessment, the following are not required:

  • Sample gathering
  • Laboratory testing
  • Physical analysis
  • Intrusive investigation

When is this assessment required?

The Class 1 Environmental Assessment is required when commercial property is purchased in an effort to minimize any possible liability risks associated with contamination.

Who can ask to have the assessment done?

There are three people/organizations that can require a Class 1 Environmental Engineering Site Assessment:

  • The local municipality
  • The lending institution responsible for financing the purchase of commercial property
  • The buyer as a form of discretion