Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)

In Ontario, any business is required to have a registration from the Ministry of the Environment or to have an environmental approval if:

  • It releases pollutants into the air, land or water
  • It stores, disposes or transports waste

Some types of activities only require registration in the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR) online system, while other types are not eligible for registration and require to apply for Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). One Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) is required to cover all the business activities, including noise, emissions, discharges, and any type of waste associated with sewage or air. The Environmental Compliance Approval is formerly known as Certificate of Approval (CofA).

Ben Engineering staff have successfully completed and obtained Environmental Compliance Approval applications (ECA) for its clients, including industrial, commercial and institutional operations satisfying the requirements as outlined by the Ministry of Environment.