Environmental Consulting

The purpose of Environmental Consulting for commercial properties (also called Compliance Consulting) is requested by most lenders as a condition. Environmental Consulting is a process that evaluates the conduct of the client regarding environmental regulations. Consultation services included in this category are for example Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, Soil Contamination Assessment, Due Diligence Reports, and Asbestos Hazard Assessment.

Before purchasing commercial or industrial property, many owners are asked to retain an Environmental Consulting firm to ensure the land does not have any contamination. To do this, obviously individuals need to start with the Environmental Report. To do this, property owners will need help from an environmental consulting service. Ben Engineering offers their Environmental Consulting service throughout Ontario, Canada. Environmental reports are conducted by a licenced Professional Engineer and in accordance to CSA Z768-01 Standard, O. Reg. 153/04, or CMHC requirements.

What is the Level 1 Environmental Assessment?

This first level environmental analysis, outlined by the Canadian Standards Association's Z768-01 Standard, looks to locate site contamination of commercial property, both actual and potential. This is done through the collection of visually accessible confirmation and reading over background documentation.

Who is able to ask for an environmental audit of property?

  • The local municipality
  • The property buyer looking to be cautious and use proper judgment
  • The institution financially responsible for lending money to the buyer

What is included in the Level 1 Environmental Assessment?

There are four primary components to the first phase of the environmental impact investment. Please note that the assessment may be modified to meet requirements outlined by the individual requesting the audit but these four items do not change.

  • A visit to the commercial property is scheduled to study all visual evidence regarding potential and actual contamination.
  • Documentation, obligatory and applicable optional, is reviewed to collect necessary data about the site and neighboring sites.
  • Site personnel, government officials, and applicable third parties are interviewed regarding the site.
  • An environmental report is created documenting findings and conclusions based on all information evaluated.

What is not required during this first level of the assessment?

The following items are not mandated:

  • Physical analysis
  • Laboratory testing
  • Intrusive investigation
  • Sample gathering

Word of Caution: Even though the Level 1 Environmental Assessment follows all CSA standards, the intention of the Environmental Consulting is not to eliminate the possibility of prospective contamination being found on the site, but reduce this possibility instead.