Environmental Report (Phase 1 & 2)

The primary function of the Environmental Report is the identification of tangible and probable site contamination via the procedure of collecting any present evidence that is visually accessible on the site as well as reviewing all connected background documents. In the first level of the environmental assessment, there is no required testing in laboratories, gathering of samples, physical analysis or intrusive investigation. The primary intentions of the Environmental Report are not necessarily to get rid of the possibility of any possible contamination on the site location, but just reduce it.

The first level of the environmental assessment is necessitated mostly when buying a commercial property. The assessment is required to effectively decrease any liability risks associated with contamination. The environmental reporting service may be asked for by the person purchasing the property as a means of discretion, the institution responsible for financing the purchase of the property, or a local municipality. The full scope of the assessment is not completed defined by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and it can be changed to meet the needs of the client. However, there are four main parts to the Environmental Report:

  • A review of all records is done to collect all relevant data regarding past activities on not just the property but neighboring properties as well, including compulsory documentation and applicable optional documentation.
  • A visit to the property is scheduled to identify all visual pieces of evidence regarding real and potential points of contamination.
  • Interviews with property personnel, government officials, as well as third parties are conducted.
  • An evaluation of all information is done and recorded in an environmental report displaying all findings and relevant conclusions.

Ben Engineering offers their environmental services for commercial property owners in need of an Environmental Report. For those who own commercial properties throughout Ontario, Canada and need an Environmental Report, Ben Engineering will provide an environmental professional to carry out the Report in accordance to new CMHC requirements and the CSA Z768-01 Standard.