Environmental Site Remediation (Clean-up) Management

Environmental site remediation or cleanup is required if soil or groundwater is identified at a property. This may be either following a Phase II ESA or as a result of an incident (e.g. a leaking underground storage tank). The site remediation or cleanup is undertaken in order to render the affected section(s) of the site to the acceptable levels in compliance with applicable standards. These levels may vary from site to site depending on the zoning and the use of the land. This work is conducted by a qualified contractor retained by the property owner.

The site remediation or cleanup process includes a few stages. The initial stage is determining the extent of the contamination in terms of depth and distance, and the levels of contamination. The cleanup process may vary, depending of the circumstances and severity of contamination. In many cases, removing the contaminated soil to an off-site location for further treatment is sufficient. This procedure is known as Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) and conducted in accordance to Ontario Regulation 558/00.

Ben Engineering provides site remediation, cleanup management and consulting services. These include inspections, oversight of the remediation work, sampling and verifications during the cleanup process, documentation, and preparing an Environmental Site Remediation report. The report summarizes the procedures undertaken, results, and recommendations for further steps (if required). For larger projects, additional management services may be required, such as coordination with authorities, contractor, meetings, payment certifications, and budget and schedule reviews.