Level 1 & 2 Environmental Assessments

For those in need of a Level 1 Environmental Assessment for their commercial property, Ben Engineering offers their environmental study services for all locations across Canada's Ontario province. The environmental service offered meets all CMHC requirements and is carried out by a professionally licenced environmental engineering expert.

The objective of the Level 1 Environmental Assessment, which is listed in the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Z768-01 Standard, is to locate actual as well as potential areas of contamination on any site by collecting evidence that is visually accessible and reviewing related background information. In this Level 1 Environmental Assessment, no laboratory testing is required. The environmental Assessment also does not necessitate the collection of samples, any physical analysis, or intrusive investigations. When adhering to the standard listed by the CSA, the primary intention is to not always get rid of but at least reduce the chance of potential contamination anywhere on the purchased property.

The Level 1 Environmental Assessment is really required when making a purchase of commercial property. This is to reduce any possible liability risks caused by possible contamination. Sometimes the assessment may be required by various parties, including the person purchasing the land as a precaution, the financial lending institution to ensure there is no risk in lending money for the purchase of the property, or by the local municipality. There are four main points that are involved in the assessment process:

  • All records concerning the property are reviewed to find any data concerning past activities that took place on the property as well as any neighboring properties. This will include all mandatory documents as well as option documents if applicable.
  • A visit to the property is done to look for visual evidence that would lead to instances of potential or actual contaminations.
  • Interviews are conducted with government officials and property personnel, possibly even third parties if warranted by the assessment.
  • A full evaluation of all information is done and all findings are provided in a published report.

Level 1 Environmental Site Assessment meets the CSA Z768-01 Standard or O.Reg. 153/04 for submitting a Record of Site Condition.