Pre and Post-leasing Condition Survey

Commercial and Industrial Properties

A pre-leasing survey is a thorough process that documents the condition of the property prior to entering a lease agreement. The pre-leasing survey is carried out thorough visual observations, photographs, notes, provided documents and other provided information. The pre-leasing survey protects both the tenant and the landlord against unsubstantiated litigation that claims perceived property damages, regardless of pre-existing condition.

The inspection process includes an evaluation, based on the ASTM E-2018-08 standard, of the major components of the property in order to establish existing wear and tear conditions, deficiencies, damages, items that requires immediate and future repairs as needed. The inspection includes the evaluation of the following components.

  • Building structural elements
  • Roof system
  • Building envelope, including the walls and cladding windows and doors
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electrical system and components
  • Plumbing system and fixtures
  • Interior finishes such as ceilings, flooring and walls
  • Site components including landscaping; parking areas, walkways and driveways
  • Storm water drainage

Advantages of a pre-lease inspection for the landlord include:

  • Documenting the condition of the property and its components prior to occupancy could protect lessee from assuming liability associated with existing defects or premature failure of components.
  • Helps those involved to determine if the building components and it systems are functioning and suitable for intended use
  • Understanding long-term maintenance requirements and potential related costs

Advantages of a pre/post lease inspection for the tenant:

  • Document baseline condition of major elements of the property before leasing, which may help owners recover costs for damages incurred during occupancy.
  • Inspections can help owners establish maintenance guidelines for tenants
  • A post-lease property inspection ensures that lessee fulfilled its obligations in maintaining and protecting the property and its components