Records of Site Condition (RSC)

The Records of Site Condition (RSC) is a process of filing the environmental site condition of a specific property in the Environmental Site Registry. The environmental condition of the site is based on a prior investigation process, which includes one or more environmental assessments (Phase 1 ESA and Phase 2 ESA).

The process of the Records of Site Condition includes the following items:

  • The Record of Site Condition is conducted by a qualified person ( a P.Eng. or P. Geo)
  • The environmental site condition is based on prior one or more environmental site assessments, prepared by a qualified person
  • Additional assessments such as Environmental Risk Assessment or development of specific standards for the property is sometimes required
  • The condition of the site must meet the applicable condition standards for the new use of the property, or to meet the standards specified in an Environmental Risk Assessment

The Records of Site Condition is typically required if the use of the property is being changed to a new and more sensitive use than the previous (e.g., from an auto repair garage, a gasoline service station or a drycleaner into residential use). These properties may also include vacant or abandoned properties that were used in the past for commercial or industrial activities, such as factories, gasoline service stations and waterfront properties, also known as brownfield properties.

In these cases, filing the Record of Site Condition in the Environmental Site Registry is required before the new use of the property is permitted. The filing may also reduce the liability of the property owner.